Scratch Certification

The Digital Intermediate Film Company is offering Assimilate Inc. internationally recognised SCRATCH Lab Certification for SCRATCH Lab Operators and Data Wranglers.

The course provides in depth understanding of the SCRATCH Engine and workflow with hands on training. 10 persons using 5 x SCRATCH Lab workstations means hands on experience for all trainee’s.

A written examination is undertaken that provides final validation of the training including practical tests of editorial/dailies file creation for multiple Camera formats including R3D (RED), Cine RAW (Phantom), Arri RAW, Alexa Pro-Res, DPX file mastering and DnXHD file mastering.

SCRATCH Lab training includes training in the following fields:

- GUI Interface and SCRATCH Lab functionality
- Dailies creation
- Meta Data management and editing including generating REEL ID/TC
- Audio Sync to Master files for dailies creation
- Meta-data Burn in
- Colouring tools and LUT management
- Editing Dailies (Trimming the fat…)
- Multiple Output Node Creation – Multi-format outputs
- CDL (Colour Decision List) Interaction
- Maintaining naming conventions/Meta Data integrity throughout the workflow