Marquise Technologies – MIST

The MIST product line offers Multiple GPU Accelerated processing to Dailies/Editorial/IMF/DCP media including full KDM Authoring.

The MIST product offers the most advanced and comprehensive tool sets for mastering media. the DCP and IMF mastering is un-parralleled and is positioned to cost less than the other products while still providing the ‘horsepower’ to keep a large facilities needs accommodated.

On or near set the MIST Mobile application supports live ACES grading and with the instant backup to LTO/External H.D.D and PDF Dailies reports this system is the ultimate professionals tool for processing master files to editorial and dailies.

Contact us to provide a ‘Turnkey’ solution from Marquise technologies or a ‘Custom’ built system from D.I Film Company optimised to your own workflow requirements.