About Us

A small taste of DI Film Co.

DI Film Co are involved in various post-production services from feature films to documentary productions, including commercials, broadcast tv, and corporate marketing.

We offer full off- line and on-line editing for any project. Our experienced editors put together your footage according to your script and instruction. We have the highest levels of professionalism and creativity supporting the directors/producers requirements.

In the case of DI Film Co having provided a DI Capturing service to your production, we will deliver your offline files on an external Firewire/USB hard drive, with all the necessary meta-data intact to ensure the final conform happens smoothly (accurate timecode and reel numbers).

This means no more tedious capturing and logging of offline data but rather a simple copy of the data in your offline-editing application. Push “Play” and you’re getting creative far sooner than conventional workflows.

For those who desire a floorless post-production service DI Film Co. can provide you with a dedicated post-production consultant and/or manager to oversee and manage the data from shoot to final delivery.

DI Film Company’s main objective is to establish the DI workflow as a standard in South Africa.
SCRATCH & Bluefish 444 form the main thrust of our DI Initiative in South Africa. Both have been validated on the highest levels by performing integral core functions for the capture and assembly of Blockbuster Movies. Examples of this involvement can be found on the latest “Superman Returns” Film.
Using the 1920×1080 output from a Panavision Genesis Camera SCRATCH and BF444 were easily able to handle the 10 bit Log data that comes out of the dual-link HD-SDI outputs of the Genesis camera.

We have taken note of international commentary where the main complaints about the South African movies revolve around the quality of the images. When this equipment/workflow is adopted across the board we as South Africans will be pulling Post-production work from the international productions.